Try giving yourself the following treatment.You can use one or two fingers on each point. You need to hold each point for about 2 minutes or until you feel a pulse under each finger, preferably synchronising together. e.g. when you touch the top of the crown with your right hand and your nose with your left hand ideally they should start to pulse together after a short time. If this does not happen within 2 minutes, do not worry, it just means that the area is still not flowing completely freely.

Main Central Vertical


Step 1: Right hand on top of head (crown)

(Remains there until step 8)

Left middle finger tip on third eye

Step 2: Left middle finger on tip of nose

Step 3: Left middle finger tip on "V" of throat

Step 4: Left fingers on sternum, between breasts (heart)

Step 5: Left middle finger tip at base of sternum (solar plexus)

Step 6: Left middle finger on umbilicus

Step 7: Left middle finger on centre of pubic bone

Step 8: Right hand (palm side or back of hand) on coccyx

(Left hand remains on pubic bone)


Step 1: May help to harmonize blood pressure, nervous conditions; revitalize the brain, dissipate senility; support pineal and pituitary glands; hold for insomnia; hold when there is lack of ambition.

Step 2: May help to support the pituitary gland; influence rejuvenation and reproduction of cells and life (both partners hold when having difficulty conceiving).

Step 3: May help to support thyroid and parathyroid glands; aid reproduction, larynx and speech problems; strengthens artistic expression, creativity; hold when feeling irritable.

Step 4: May help strengthen the circulatory system and revitalize lungs (breathing) and pelvic girdle (hip energy); support the thymus gland which is the master gland of the immune system - hold as a prevention against illness.

Step 5: May help strengthen builders of the blood and harmonize rbc/wbc ratio; control secretions of digestive enzymes & hormones; strengthen the lymphatic and nervous system & improve muscle tone of arms and legs; harmonizes spleen, adrenals, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Step 6: May help breathing control; strengthen small & large intestines; physical digestion and assimilation and revitalize adrenal glands.

Step 7: May help influence growth, mental competence and the lymphatic system; harmonize reproductive glands and strengthen the spine.

Step 8: May help balance the reproductive organs, ureter

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