The High Touch Network was set up in 1980 by Betsy Ruth Dayton, M.Ed. who is based at Friday Harbor, U.S.A. The Network is a group of people who practice this form of acupressure and are united by their desire to share and teach it to others. The High Touch Network supports the study and practise of this ancient knowledge in new ways for the modern world we live in. The goal of the network is that some day this healing art will be in everyone’s hands. This will be accomplished through experiencing treatments, understanding and sharing the self-help with family and friends.

Many Practitioner members of the Network are qualified in other therapies and they use High Touch Jin Shin as a therapy in its own right, as part of other treatments they give, or as homework and they are qualified to teach the Self Help Days to the general public if they wish.

Those Practitioners who go on to being Instructors are trained by Betsy Ruth Dayton during the annual conference period, held at Friday Harbor. They are then qualified to train other Practitioners in this therapy.

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